Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband’s crazy behavior angered the United States! Breaking up with Bieber and his wife, tearing up the king of pop

October 12, 2022

Ye scolded ex-wife Kim Kardashian for not being virtuous and wearing a white supremacist racist T-shirt to her daughter’s school.

They ripped apart the supermodel Hadid sisters, scolded Hailey and shouted Bieber, and dragged the legendary brother John legend and drake into the water.

Offended most of the entertainment industry and almost all black people in less than a week…

At the beginning of October, Ye suddenly changed his “affectionate” attitude towards his ex-wife Kim and began to ruthlessly abuse her.

In the magazine interview, he said that the curves of Kim’s hips, as a Christian, as a 40-year-old mother of a child of black ancestry, is inappropriate. She also said that her casual clothing brands are too revealing.

All in all, he is satirizing Jin for not keeping the virtues of women and bringing harm to his daughters, although his own lyrics often contain various words that are not suitable for children.

To tell you the truth, after the divorce has been so long, Jin has not said anything bad about Ye, and it is annoying enough to be pointed at by him. However, this was only the beginning of Ye’s madness.

On October 3, Ye’s brand landed on the Paris Fashion Week show. No one remembers whether yeezy’s design looks good or not this season, because all the reporters and guests were shocked by a piece of Ye’s clothes:

The T-shirt features the ex-Catholic Pope John Paul II on the front, with the words “white lives matter” in large letters on the back.

In 2020, the killing of black Floyd by a white police officer set off the largest black civil rights movement in recent years, with the slogan “black lives matter”.

It is worth mentioning that this slogan was launched as early as 2013 to oppose violence and discrimination against blacks in the United States.

Apparently the slogan on Ye’s clothes is a parody of the slogan, which explains why people are so angry. And he also exploded that “Black Lives Matter” is a hoax, and it’s over now, making America a big fry.

Those who oppose Ye believe that when the black civil rights movement has not yet succeeded and many black Americans are still living in dire straits, he mocks, opposes, and consumes this slogan in a privileged manner.

What’s more, white lives matter is indeed suspected of white supremacy in the context of the United States, and the production of such products may exacerbate conservative hate activities.

But obviously Ye didn’t think there was anything wrong with this dress. At the end of the show, he was photographed wearing the same style with conservative commentator Candice Owens.

As soon as the show ended, Ye was scolded by many Americans. He himself has made a high-profile interview on Fox TV to talk about his design experience.

The host asked him why, as a black man, he wanted to engage in such a slogan of a suspected white racist. Ye began to play tricks: “My energy field directed me to do this, which is God’s will.”

“I do things intuitively. I feel like the slogan is right. God gave me an epiphany.”

Ye also pulled his own father into the water. He claims his father was an educated Black Panther Party (a left-wing radical black civil rights group in the 1960s), and his father looked at his shirt and thought the phrase “white people’s lives mattered” made sense, because white people’s lives did matter too. .

As for more reasons, Ye chose cunning avoidance.

He said that he is an artist, and the artist does not need to explain the problem, but if he must explain, then he thinks that the standard of skin color is originally set by white people, and it is absurd, so he is sarcasm, not encouraging white supremacy, or Does not support the black movement.

“White people strip us of our identities, label us as different colors, and tell us ‘you are black, what black people are supposed to do’.

So I’m going to label them on the t-shirts as well and tell them what to do. “

However, his statement obviously could not be convinced by the majority of netizens and his colleagues.

Some netizens said that Ye was secretly changing the concept: “Since kanye insists that the lives of white people are expensive, I will post this picture again: We did not say that only the lives of black people are important, we know that the lives of all races are very precious, we just want to Let you help those black people who are in danger.”

“Kanye said the Kardashian family spoiled his black children, but he made Lauren Hill’s children wear ‘white lives’ t-shirts (American female rapper/civil rights activist) Why are you still supporting The clown?”

Because of the dress, Gabriela, the black fashion editor of Vogue, scolded Ye for inciting violence and a dangerous villain, and supermodels Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber also condemned Ye’s design.

Ye’s response was very rude, and he directly attacked the appearance of these women. First, humiliated Gabriella’s fashion taste, saying she was too old to be a fashion editor.

But then he may have thought that he was still in the fashion circle, and he deleted the swearing words, saying that he had no ill will towards Gabriella, and also posted a post saying that he was very happy to work with Gabriela.

Then in a short video, he called Gigi an ugly doll, karen (a white woman described as a racist white woman), and his sister Bella, who didn’t recruit him at all, was a doll. Said they were born with silver spoons in them, a swarm of worms.

However, this sentence was also returned to Ye by netizens. After all, his mother is a high-level intellectual, and his father used to be a reporter, so he never lacked money. Such family conditions have surpassed that of most black Americans.

Therefore, it may be difficult for Ye to understand the feelings of black people who are truly impoverished, discriminated against, and whose lives are threatened.

The more everyone cursed, the more energetic Ye became. He used all capital letters first, and was particularly excited to say that those who scolded him were sour that he was talented, because his controversial T-shirt attracted the attention of the whole world, and he was the biggest winner.

Ye took another screenshot of Hailey’s criticism of his comment, and wrote to Hailey’s husband, Justin Bieber, and said, “Eh? Did I get banned? Bieber, tell me quickly.” He continued to look humiliating, saying Haley gets her nose fixed.

But Ye was still not relieved, and even took a video to shout to Bieber: “Before I get angry, I advise you to take care of your wife!”

By the way, in this video, Ye also mocked his former friend, Legendary Brother, for his poor fashion taste. In fact, Brother Legend didn’t move much with Ye when he was about to run for the US President, and he didn’t know what Ye was fooling around with.

But what is certain is that Ye lost another friend due to this storm. According to reports, Bieber broke up with Ye because his wife Hailey was humiliated by Ye. The two were playing together not long ago, but this is a complete mess.

Unlike Bieber who turned against each other, ye and his old rival, Drake, reached a short-term consensus because of this matter.

In the video, Ye called Hailey, who had been married to Bieber for 4 years, as “the girl of the drake”, implying that Hailey had an affair with the drake when she was unmarried.

When he scolded this and that, Drake secretly liked all Ye’s posts scolding the Biebers and the Hadid sisters.

Ye also took a screenshot to thank him: “I had a dispute with the drake before, but this time he also liked me, my heart is warm~”

As Ye became more and more aggressive in the entertainment industry, his spokesman Jason Lee urgently resigned to express his dissatisfaction with his frenzied behavior and clothing design.

“Ye’s actions are puaing black people to give white supremacists a reason to be violent,” he said.

But it wasn’t enough for Ye to offend the entertainment industry, so he immediately fired at the tech industry.

Kanye hyped the theory that “white people’s lives are expensive” on ins. Black rapper Puff Daddy texted Ye, asking him to stop promoting wrong ideas and selling this kind of product that eats human blood steamed buns, because it will hurt their fellow black people.

Ye threatened Puff to post screenshots of all their chat records, and the post was officially blocked by Instagram shortly after.

The ins provoked Ye. He scolded Puff for being controlled by the Jews. Because the parent company of ins is the Jewish Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta.

This sentence has a strong anti-Semitic racist color. If a white artist said that, he would definitely be banned, but Ye was scolding him more and more.

He ran to twitter, and Aite called Mark Zuckerberg himself, and unilaterally announced that he broke up with Maza. The picture is of when the two of them were singing on ktv.

Mark himself did not respond, but Meta said coldly: If you send something that triggers a war, we will block your account.

Ye ignored the warnings and tweeted death threats against the entire Jewish race. This time it really scared a lot of people. He says:

“I’m a little sleepy tonight, but when I wake up I’ll make death threats to three Jews.

But the funny thing is, I can’t actually be anti-Semitic, because black people are actually Jewish. You guys are playing with me and blacklisting anyone who disagrees with you. “

During the BLM movement, many white people said that black people would take advantage of the privileges of “vulnerable races” to discriminate against and attack other races. Then Ye’s anti-Semitic remarks are not much different from these people.

Netizens said that when he scolded Jews, he could say that he was also a Jew (he made up this statement), so people could not say that he was racist, but when white people criticized him, he would immediately use his identity as a black person to say that others were racist him. A single operation is as fierce as a tiger, more than anyone can take advantage of.

What makes netizens feel even more uncomfortable is that, whether it is genuine racism or hyping up his own brand, Ye also involved his own children this time.

On October 9, Ye came to her daughter’s “Little Northwest” school wearing a “white man’s life is also a life” T-shirt to watch her daughter’s basketball game.

In this controversial outfit, all eyes of parents and other children were on Ye. Northwest, who was only 9 years old, was also attacked by some netizens for this.

On the same day, ex-wife Kim Kardashian was also present. The media reported that she deliberately moved the car to a parking space far away from Ye, just to avoid him who was crazy. When watching the game, Sister Jin also sat eight feet away, and the two did not communicate during the whole process.

Ye is a successful businessman and a shrewd person. It’s impossible for him not to know the consequences of his nonsense, especially when it comes to racial tensions. If he was really as stupid and sweet as people thought, he wouldn’t have apologized to the editor of vogue, but chasing after female models lower than him and scolding him.

Now that Ye has all but deleted the swearing posts, his controversial T-shirts can be sold to genuine racists as they please, while promoting the brand. After all, it won’t be long before the Internet forgets his crazy words, and the final winner is indeed him.

All I can say is, I hope he doesn’t affect his children…

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